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Creating Timeless Over Trendy Environments

phase one - client consultation - after contract approval
During the programming phase the clients needs and objectives are identified. Questions regarding the specific space use will be discussed; who is using the space, furniture and equipment requirements. Measurements and photos are taken at this time.
phase two - schematic design 
In the schematic design phase, block planning and/or space planning layouts are developed. Circulation patterns and minimum clearances are considered. Rough sketches and elevations are created and preliminary furniture and finishes ideas are beginning and presented to the client for review and comment.
phase three - design development 
After final approvals from the schematic design phase, the development of detailed floor plans, elevations and finishes are refined in greater detail. Final designs are presented for approval.
phase four - construction documentation 
The Design Team completes documentation of specific details of work. The initial phase, details include how and what is being built in regard to total scope of work to be completed. In the secondary phase, documents are compiled and combined from all Team Members so that bids can be obtained, contractors are selected and purchase orders are issued to begin implementation.
phase five - construction administration 
This final stage occurs during project implementation; building and installing. The project manager is often onsite during the work and/or installations to ensure documents have been followed properly, that items are received in good condition and installed correctly.
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